Pointing the way

Guide Management Consultants, LLC. is your partner in your organizational effectiveness journey.  By focusing on your complete organizational effectiveness needs, we can help to develop a strategy that reflects the interdependence of the diverse drivers of organizational excellence. Our approach to organization effectiveness includes understanding the basic principle that organizations thrive when their efforts to develop people, improve process, and deploy technology are aligned and supportive.

We have assisted organizations across the country to develop and deploy people-oriented programs that:

  • Creates capacity and enhances capabilities
  • Develops leaders to meet the challenges of the new work environment
  • Engages employees to create a more dynamic and productive workforce
  • Manage change to ensure smooth transitions and optimal results
  • Foster partnerships and create effective networks and enduring relationships

Every organization today, both public and private must strive for ways to deliver customer value more effectively and efficiently. Our work includes:

  • Continuous improvement program design and deployment
  • Definition of standard work
  • Implementation of visual controls
  • Performance management program design
  • Capability maturity model development and deployment

Integrating and leveraging technology has become a key enabler for organizations to make dramatic improvements.  Work in this area includes:

  • IT strategic and implementation planning
  • Business case development and justification
  • IT project management and quality assurance
  • System migration planning and leadership
  • System acquisition

Our experience across each of the domains of operational effectiveness gives the insight and experience to fully appreciate the complex interactions between people, processes, an technology.  Managing these complexities is why you hire a guide for your journey.